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I am an Ottawa based drummer who is currently playing in numerous bands across a wide range of styles and venues.

Although my regular bands keep me relatively busy, as a freelance drummer, I'm always looking for new opportunities to play with other musicians.

In the past few years, I've played a wide range of venues, including the Arts Court, Elmdale House, National Arts Centre, Rainbow Bistro, Westin Hotel, various Legions, restaurants, music festivals, fundraisers as well as a number of corporate and private events.

During this time, I have been very fortunate to have shared the stage with some excellent nationally and locally well known musicians.

I studied with the famous Jim Blackley,which  helped me develop a musical drumming style which is so important for jazz and original song orchestration, and also very useful in rock and popular music.

I'm available for rehearsals, performances or studio work, if you need someone to fill in for your regular drummer, or you just need an occasional drummer. .



If you are interested in discussing further or in availability for a particular event, please contact me.

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